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I have a Date/Time value from a JSON response in the form of 2020-10-01T15:22:20 that I am trying to convert to something that looks like 10-01-20 15:22 in Apex. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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To do this, you can use the apex DateTime class:

// replace the 'T' with blank space to make date time string compatible with format method
String dtString = '2020-10-01T15:22:20'.replace('T', ' ');

// Convert the string to DateTime
DateTime dt = DateTime.valueOfGMT(dtString);

// Now use formatGMT method with appropriate dateFormatString to convert DateTime to string 
String dtNewString = dt.formatGMT('MM-dd-yy HH:mm');


In the console this outputs as:

DEBUG|10-01-20 15:22

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