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We have a custom error logging framework built that currently inserts records to a custom Error Log object. We also have a lot of (chained) Queueables in use because have to update some setup objects - GroupMember, PermissionSetAssignment etc. If for whatever reason, one of these setup object updates fails, we need to log that error as well - without causing a mixed DML error.

One option, obviously, is to make the error logging queueable. But instead of knowing from the point of catching the error that I need the logging to happen asynchronously, I'd like to determine that within the Error Logging framework - whether to insert it synchronously or async'ly. The reason for this is, the change becomes simpler - within the framework and not reevaluating all possible points of entry to update this.

Question: Is there something in Apex that tells me if the current transaction contains a setup object DML or could potentially cause a mixed DML issue?

PS: Currently, we're not looking at redesigning the error logging framework itself like using Platform Events or making fully asynchronous (because of our current implementation of Queueables and depth limitations)

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